Top Benefits Of A Pool Cover

The number of accessories and add-ons you can have for a swimming pool is never-ending, and purchasing all of them can add up, fast! Some are far more important than others, and a pool cover is arguably one of the most important accessories you should have for your swimming pool. Here is why.


They Prevent External Contaminants From Spoiling Your Water Quality

Things such as body lotion, oils from the skin and dirt can throw out your pools delicate chemistry levels however, the biggest culprits are leaves, debris and rain. Regardless of whether you have large trees or shrubs around your swimming pool, it is inevitable that leaves and other contaminants will end up in your water. A pool cover can prevent rain and leaves from entering the water. This can not only save you time but money on chemicals also.

Reduces Evaporation

Your pool water will evaporate at a continuous rate. Factors such as wind, sun and heat can all speed up the process. Therefore, you may notice your pool water level dropping faster in summer than at other times of the year. The water should sit halfway up the middle of the skimmer box for your pool pump and equipment to do their job properly. Having to top the pool up constantly costs money, and if you need to top it up quite a lot, it can dilute the chemical concentration of your pool, and you may need to adjust it. A cover can help to conserve water by blocking heat and wind from hitting the pool and by trapping moisture under the cover. They can decrease evaporation by 97%.

Extend Your Swimming Season

When the weather starts to get cooler, swimming in the pool may get put on the back burner. A pool cover can help to retain warmth which can make the water more comfortable to swim in. This enables you to use your pool for more months of the year. If you want to warm the water further, you can do so with a pool heating system. A cover can help keep in the heat and prevent cool air from hitting the water and cooling it down.

Adds An Extra Element Of Safety

While you will need to have a compliant pool barrier surrounding your pool, having a fitted pool cover can add an extra element of safety if the pool gate is accidentally left open. Hardtop pool covers and covers that are firmly fitted with anchor points will offer the highest protection. Floating plastic covers will provide no extra safety, if anything, you need to take extra caution with young children around the pool as they may mistake the cover a solid surface and unknowingly step on to it.

Minimise Pool Care

You can avoid having to remove debris from your pool daily by using a pool cover. A pool cover can prevent the number of contaminants that invade your pool water by more than 70%. Scooping out debris not only takes time, but if it isn’t removed quickly, it will sink to the bottom and start decomposing. This will cause an imbalance and can turn your pool cloudy or green. A cover is an ideal solution especially in winter when the swimming pool probably isn’t being used as much. You won’t need to use your automatic pool cleaner every day as the water is cleaner. This can cut down on your energy consumption.

What Is The Best Pool Cover?

If you have ever looked into purchasing a cover for your pool, you may have noticed there are tonnes of options. Deciding which one to buy can be overwhelming. The first thing you should do is work out how much you want to spend. There are four main types of covers for pools, here is a basic rundown of each to give you an idea of which type may be best suited to your swimming pool:

Automatic Pool Covers

If you want the ultimate pool cover, you can’t go past an automatic cover. They are custom built into the side of your pool and roll out with the touch of a button. They are permanent and are cleverly integrated, so they don’t detract from the appeal of the pool. An automatic cover can be installed in the construction phase of your swimming pool, or afterwards. They are the number one option in terms of safety, while walking on them is not recommended, they can generally hold the weight of an adult which enables you to walk across and collect debris and leaves if needed. Unlike manual covers that you have to drag across the pool water, automatic covers are simple to use. The only downfall is that they are the most expensive pool cover option, although not having to handle the cover to use it, makes them a worthwhile investment.

Manual Pool Covers

If you don’t want to spend a lot on a pool cover but still want to reap the benefits they can provide, a manual cover is a good choice. They are simply rolled out across the pool water when you want to cover it. It can be tricky to roll them out evenly, so it is best if two people grab a side each to pull it across to ensure it doesn’t sink or become uneven. A manual cover should be stored on a roller. This will make it easier to use and will prevent it from getting damaged.

Solar Pool Covers

Another budget-friendly and popular option is a solar cover. They work by harnessing natural energy from the sun and can elevate the pool water temperature by up to 10 degrees. They are recognised for their distinctive bubble wrap-like appearance. Solar covers are a cheaper alternative to a heating system, and while they aren’t as effective, they still do a good job of increasing the pool temperature and retaining heat. They offer no safety protection but they are cheap and can be cut to size to suit the shape of your pool.

Mesh Pool Covers

Mesh covers are made from a mesh-like material and are held into position firmly using anchor points around the pool. If you do choose this type of cover, it’s a good idea to choose one with tight-knit netting as this will limit the amount of rain and contaminants that can enter your pool. Along with tight knitting, it should have welded seams to prevent it from sagging into the water. The only negative to this pool cover is that it can be time-consuming to reposition it into place.

Did You Know

Some states and territories in Australia have now made pool covers mandatory when building a new pool, so if you are installing a new pool check with your local council to verify whether you need to have one or not, even if you don’t, the benefits they offer, make them a worthwhile purchase. If you have any questions about pool covers for your swimming pool or would like more information on our stunning range of fibreglass pools, get in touch with our friendly team here at Barrier Reef Pools Queensland, we’d love to help if we can.