The Most Important Pool Accessories Every pool Owner Must Have

You’ve just installed your pool, how exciting! Next, you will have to determine which accessories you need. A quick internet search will reveal hundreds if not thousands of choices so, how do you know which ones to choose? Well, worry not we have compiled a list of the most important ones you should invest in.


Pool Scoop

Every pool owner must have a pool scoop, it’s a non-negotiable if you want to keep your pool clean. It consists of two parts, a net scoop, and a telescopic pole. The scoop attaches to the pole and is used to scoop out debris such as leaves, dead insects and twigs. The telescopic pole will come in handy as other attachments can be interchanged on it making it multipurpose.

Pool Cover

Pool covers are often underestimated by pool owners, but they offer many cost-saving benefits and considering they are quite inexpensive for a budget-friendly version, they are a worthwhile purchase. Pool covers can effectively minimise the number of chemicals lost due to evaporation by up to 70%. They can reduce water loss by up to 97% and they can reduce the amount of rain and contaminants that fall into your pool. The less rain and leaves that fall into your pool, the less time you will have to spend scooping out unwanted gunk and balancing your pool chemicals levels.


You may or may not have heard of the term shock before. If you haven’t, it is simply dosing your pool with highly concentrated chlorine. The chlorine that gets dispersed into your pool daily is usually enough to kill bacteria, however, when the pool is being used often or you’ve experienced heavy downpours of rain it can affect its ability to work. It’s a good idea to do this weekly to prevent your pool from going cloudy or green.

Water Testing Strips

Balancing your pool chemicals is key to keeping your water clear and an easy way to monitor your levels is buy purchasing a water testing kit. They are simple to use and cheap. In the kit, you’ll find testing strips and a chemical colour chart, some contain a water collector. To test your water, you take a testing strip and dip it into your pool water either directly or by taking a small sample. Once you have dipped the strip into the water, the colours should change. Wait a minute and compare the strip colours to the colours on the chart. This will give you a clear indication of the chemicals you need to balance if any. Try to do this weekly as it’s easy to treat a slight imbalance than rectify a full-blown algae outbreak.


Pool Cleaner

A pool cleaner vacuums the surface of your pool and picks up fine dirt, leaves and algae along the way. Vacuuming is a necessary preventative measure that should be taken to avoid algae infestations or murky coloured water. There are several options when it comes to pool cleaners, you can do it the old-fashioned way with a manual vacuum, or you can splash out and invest in an automatic cleaner. If you want your pool cleaner to be as hands-free as possible, a built-in pool cleaner may be a suitable choice. Before committing to a particular cleaner, it’s best to do a bit of research first to find the right one for you and your budget.

Pool Brush

If you have a fibreglass pool, you may find you don’t have to brush your pool walls as much as people with other types of pools as the surface is nonporous preventing algae from attaching and growing. You should still aim to brush your walls weekly though to prevent organic stains and build up. Only soft bristle brushes should be used on fibreglass pools. Abrasive brush types can irreversibly damage the interior. You will need to purchase a brush head attachment, and this will connect to your interchangeable telescopic pole.

CPR Signage

In most states and territories in Australia, it is compulsory to have CPR signage displayed in your pool area. Your CPR signage must comply with standards set by ANZCOR guideline 8 – cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The rules on this are strict and can vary depending on where you live. You ought to check your local pool regulations for appropriate guidance.

Additional Layers Of Safety

While you should have a compliant pool barrier for your pool, it pays to have extra safety measures in place especially if you have young children that are excited to jump in the pool regardless of whether they can swim or not. You can do this by installing an alarm on your gates or motion detectors that can alert you to movement in the pool area. An automatic hardtop pool cover, while expensive, is an all-round sound investment due to the benefits mentioned earlier and they can weight bear up to 900 kilograms which increases the safety of your pool drastically.

Storage For Equipment

All pools need equipment and chemicals to run efficiently and you will need somewhere secure to store them. You should factor this in when in the design phase to ensure you leave enough room for it. If you can, allow enough room for your equipment, chemicals, and accessories so, they are conveniently located in one spot.

Fun Stuff

Now that we’ve got the serious pool accessory business out of the way, its time to explore the most important pool accessories for fun, after all, that’s one of the main reasons we purchase a pool, right?

Pool Floaties

You can’t have the ultimate sun in the sun experience without a pool floatie or two. You can purchase these from most large retail stores, and they are quite cheap too. You can pick the floaties suit your needs whether you want a two-person float, an inflatable boat, or floating drink holders, your options are endless.

Somewhere To Store Your Pool Toys And Floaties

If you have children, the chances of toys making their way to the pool are high regardless of whether they are specifically for pool use or not. If your children have pool toys, noodles etc, you’ll need somewhere to keep them when they are not in use. This prevents them from getting blown away or damaged by the sun and chemicals. There is a massive selection of pool toy storage options available. Keep in mind, if you intend on storing the toy storage outside, ensure it is weather and UV proof otherwise you’ll likely have to replace it sooner than you’d probably like.

Pool Lounger

A pool lounger enables you to sit back and relax whenever you please or take a rest from swimming when needed. If your pool has a tanning ledge, you can purchase ones designed for water use so you can stay cool while immersing yourself in the serenity.

Want More Information?

We hope our pool accessory list has given you some ideas on things you need for your pool and things that are going to enhance the fun factor. For more information, get in touch with our skilled team here at Barrier Reef Pools Queensland, we specialise in designer fibreglass pools and will happily help if we can.