Barrier Reef Swimming Pools Queensland

Life can be hectic these days. Take time off to relax, unwind, enjoy leisure time at home. What better way to do this than creating a whole new dimension by installing a pool. Family life, entertaining, keeping cool on those hot summer days and just plain lazing around takes on a completely new meaning when it’s centred around a crystal clear pool from Barrier Reef.

Let Barrier Reef Pools, its skilled, experienced sales staff and any one of the Australia-wide network of professional and helpful agents work with you in selecting the very best design to meet your special needs. When you invest in a Barrier Reef pool, you’re getting the power of years of extensive research, design, skill and experience.

Our people take pride in giving you quality of manufacturing, quality of installation, quality of service. We’re with you from purchase, to installation and commissioning, the day you hit the water, and beyond. We want you to be more than happy with the result because that’s how we have become the top supplier of quality fibreglass pools in Australia.