Important Information On How To Automate Your pool

We all want to make our lives easier, right? Pool automation can drastically reduce the amount of time and money needed to look after a pool, plus it allows you to have full control over your equipment and functions with ease. It isn’t just a savvy feature for those who are technologically inclined either. So, how does it work and what do you need to know?


How Does It Work?

Automating your pool means you can control everything from cleaning and heating to lights and water features from the convenience of a smart device, you don’t even have to be home to do it. Here’s how to automate your pool:

  • The first thing you’ll need to do is ensure you have good Wi-Fi at your home as this is what will run your system.
  • You will have to ensure that your existing systems are compatible with automation equipment.
  • Purchase a pool control system that will work with your pool equipment.
    You will need to plug your new control system into power and then plug your pool equipment into the system.
  • Next, connect your pool automation system to the Wi-Fi. Once you have done this connect it to other devices you wish to control the automation from via Bluetooth. Following your user manual included with your controller system, download the app needed to manage your automated system.
  • Check to see if it is working on the controller and the app.

If you are not confident doing this, you should hire an electrician to take care of it safely and correctly for you.

What Can I Automate In My pool?

Automation systems come in a variety of options and allow you to pick and choose what you want to automate from your pool, or you can purchase a full automation system that automates everything. Here are some of the common systems people choose to automate:


Automating your heating can be a huge money saver and provides the convenience of pre-heating the pool while you are away from home so it’s warmed up by the time you get back. Rather than manually changing the temperature or turning it on or off, you can do this from your smart device. It also comes in handy if you have left home and forgot to turn the heating off. If you haven’t already got heating but are contemplating it, make sure it can be automated first.

Circulation System

A pool pump is a necessity for every pool as they are powerhouse behind keeping your water safe and sanitary to swim in. You can automate your pump and control when it’s on and for how long, while most pool pumps have automated timers, there are occasions where you may need to turn your pump off or run it for longer. For instance, if your pool has had considerable use, you may need to run it for longer to keep the water clean or if you want to swim without the noise of the pump running in the background you can simply switch it off using a button on your smart app. Again, if you don’t already have a pool ensure that they pump your choose has automation capabilities. If you already have an existing pump, most can be connected to automation, but you may need to hire an electrician to install it for you.

Your Water Chemistry

Maintaining the correct chemistry levels is a delicate balance and one that can easily be altered by the smallest of influences. Unbalanced chemistry levels can be troublesome to rectify, not only that they generally require more chemicals which costs more money. Automating your pool chemicals can significantly reduce the amount of time and money you spend on your pool maintenance. They work by dosing your pool with the correct amount of chemicals and at timed intervals. This prevents over or underdosing the pool. It’s a good idea to get this installed by a professional.


Automated pool lighting is a popular option, they are relatively easy to install and allow you alter the intensity of the lights, change the colours, and switch them on and off when you are away from home. If you already have lights in your pool you can set them up to automate with some simple electrical work or you can purchase automated lighting options.

Automatic Pool Cleaner

An automatic pool cleaner is a must-have for any pool. They eliminate the need to manually vacuum the interior surface which can save a tonne of time. There are automatic pool cleaning options to suit every budget and they are simple to use.

Retractable Pool Cover

Pool covers are an effective way to drastically reduce water, chemical and heat loss from your pool. Traditional roll over covers are heavy and sometimes tricky to remove. Retractable pool covers are highly practical and great at keeping your pool covered and safe from little swimmers if they manage to get into the pool area. They simply roll over the pool quickly and seamlessly by pressing a button. While they are priced at the higher end of the scale, their simplicity and time-saving features make them a worthwhile investment, plus they look much more attractive too, the roller is usually integrated into the pool and is barely detectable when it is retracted. A retractable cover means no more getting tangled up or struggling to roll the cover out.

Why Should You Consider Automation For Your Pool


The biggest selling point of pool automation is that it is convenient. You can simplify all your pool tasks from your smart device 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and from anywhere. As many of us have our phones with us most of the day, this technology is unrivalled by traditional systems. You can customise your settings to make pool care practically hands free. Many set their automation up through a voice assistant which allows everyone in the house to manage the pool, even the kids.

Saves Time And Money

As everything is automated, the exact amount of chemicals are dispersed, the equipment runs for the right amount of time and you can switch off energy-consuming features such as heating and lighting right from your fingertips.

Appealing Selling Feature

More and more people are adding smart technology to their homes and pool automation makes an attractive selling feature if you ever decide to sell your home down the track. Having an old pool with outdated technology may deter buyers. People that want a pool for their home don’t want one that’s going to be time-consuming or expensive to run.

Pool automation is the way of the future and the great thing about it is you don’t have to automate every aspect of your pool straight away if your budget doesn’t allow it. You can upgrade your equipment gradually as you go. Here at Barrier Reef Queensland, we specialise in the country’s finest and most luxurious fibreglass swimming pools. Including automation in one of our technological advanced swimming pools is the ultimate way to create a pool of the future. For more information or if you have any questions, get in touch with our friendly team today.