Do I Need A Pool Cover

Do I need a pool cover?

The main reason pool owners are hesitant to put a cover over their pool is because can they detract from the appeal of the glistening water. But did you know a pool cover is the simplest and most economical way to reduce your pool’s energy and water consumption? Here we will explain all the benefits that pool covers offer and why you should have one for your pool.

They keep your pool clean

A big part of pool ownership is maintaining the water, so it is hygienic to swim in. A pool cover prevents leaves, debris, and dirt from falling in the water which can minimise the amount of time you have to spend cleaning your pool. Leaf litter and debris are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to affecting your pool’s chemical balance and even if you don’t have trees near your pool, leaves and other contaminants will inevitably find their way to your pool. By having a cover in place, rather than them falling into your pool they will fall onto your cover and are usually blown off by the wind.

Conserve water

The water in your pool is constantly evaporating and in summer the excess heat and sun beaming onto your pool can cause the water to evaporate even faster. If your pool is in a windy area you may find your water levels dropping regularly. A pool cover can reduce a pool’s evaporation by 97% which not only conserves water but can save you money too by not having to continually top it up to its correct level. Covers work by trapping moisture and blocking excessive heat.

Retain heat in your pool

When air hits your pool, whether it’s from the wind, a water feature or other source, it can cool your pool water down. Covering it prevents heat from escaping and reduces the amount of air reaching your water. This means that your pool water won’t drop in temperature overnight. If you have heating, they can help to retain warmth in the water for longer and you won’t have to use your heating system for as long to heat the pool to the desired temperature.

Extend your swimming season

A pool cover can preserve heat within your pool, even more so with a solar cover. As the water is maintained at a comfortable temperature rather than plummeting when the sun goes down or cooling down from the wind, you can enjoy your pool for more months of the year. A pool cover makes for a much more comfortable swimming experience in the cooler months where you perhaps wouldn’t use the pool.

Minimise chemical usage 

Pool chemicals are essential to keep your water sanitary and safe to swim in. A cover over the pool can reduce chemical usage by up to 70%. As the quantity of leaf litter getting into the pool is reduced, evaporation is lessened and the amount of rain reaching the pool is limited, the need to dose the pool with high amounts of chemicals to balance the water isn’t necessary. They keep your pool water cleaner for longer and it is less likely that your pool water will become unbalanced.

Reduce pool maintenance 

Cleaning the pool is a job that must be done year-round, even when you’re not using the pool. Investing in a cover means you won’t have to spend anywhere near as much time scooping out contaminants, balancing your chemicals or vacuuming. It makes sense to place a cover over the pool if you want to drastically reduce the amount of time you have to dedicate to pool care each week.

Enhance the safety of your pool

Whilst all pools should have a compliant pool fence in place, a properly fitted and secure pool cover can make your pool safer in case little people find their way in there. There are a variety of pool cover options and ones that have anchor points or hard tops rather than just floating on top of the water are the safest options.

How do I know which pool cover is best for my pool?

There are 4 main types of pool covers and deciding which one is best for your pool will depend on a few factors such as your budget, what you want out of a cover and the shape of your pool. Here is a rundown of the options to help you make your choice.

Automatic Pool Covers

Rather than dragging a cover across the pool, an automatic pool cover rolls out by pressing a button. They are the safest option for keeping children out of the pool although they do come at a cost and are the most expensive pool cover option. They are functional, convenient and can look aesthetically appealing. There are few ways to tie them in with your pool to make them look virtually invisible which makes them a popular choice.

Manual Pool Covers

Manual pool covers involve manually unrolling the cover from the roll and dragging it across the pool. Two people are normally needed to make sure that it is being pulled across evenly. Manual covers are economical and are a good choice for those who want to reduce their pools running costs but don’t necessarily have the budget for a higher-end cover. As most manual covers float on the water they can’t bear weight, even that of a small child.

Solar Pool Covers

Solar covers or bubble covers as they’re often called are generally thin and have a bubble wrap-like layer covering it. They absorb heat from the sun to warm the pool and as they harness a natural source of energy you don’t need to waste electricity on heating, a solar cover can warm a pool by 8 degrees. They are affordable and are simply measured and cut to the shape of your pool. Solar covers are primarily used to heat the pool rather than keep dirt and debris out. These covers are not safe if a child is to unknowingly walk onto it.

Mesh Pool covers

Mesh pool covers are made from mesh and don’t collect pools of water on top of them. They are normally firm across the pool. Tight-knit mesh covers are more effective at preventing fine dirt and debris from entering the water and they drastically reduce the amount of sunlight entering the pool. This limits algae from harbouring and multiplying. Quality mesh covers have welded seams to prevent it from sagging in the pool. They aren’t a good choice for those using the pool daily as they require a bit of effort to get off.

Ready to purchase a pool cover?

There’s no denying the copious amount of benefits a pool cover can offer. We believe that every pool should have a cover and they are invaluable for those wanting to reduce their running and maintenance costs.

Here at Barrier Reef Queensland, we specialise in luxurious fibreglass pools and our team are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to pools and their accessories. If you would have more information about pool covers or have any questions about our pool range, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.