Can Fibreglass Pools Have Water Slides?

Swimming on a hot summer’s day, relaxing on a lounger, games, what more could you want from a pool? Well, if you want to enhance the fun factor, you can’t go past a waterslide. They are a sure-fire way to get the kids outside burning off some energy, but can a fiberglass swimming pool have one? It sure can! Here is everything you need to know to ensure you choose the right one.


Some Things To Consider Before Making Your Waterslide Purchase

Your Budget

When it comes to waterslides, the price can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the design and the installation process involved. Portable styles are usually at the entry price point with permanent and custom types priced at the higher end. You will need to establish how much you can afford to spend on a waterslide and the labour that is involved to install it. Once you have done this, you can narrow down your options within your price range.

Who Will Use The Slide The Most?

Who will be using the slide the most can help you decide which type to get. For instance, some come with soft curves for a slow ride and others come with sharp drops that provide an adrenaline-pumping thrill. If you are choosing a permanent slide, it’s best to choose one to suit all ages. If you get a small one that offers little to no excitement, will your children even use it a few years down the track? If it is a permanent fixture, it can be costly and messy to remove.

What You Want Your Slide To Look Like

Waterslides can be made from a huge variety of materials and you can ultimately choose what you want it to look like, whether it’s premade or custom-built. When deciding on a slide, its best to pick one that ties in with your pool area so it looks like its meant to be there. Make sure it is UV, rust and chemical resistant to prevent premature wear. Just as important as how it looks is how safe it is. Your slide should have non-slip steps and handrails. Ensure it is installed correctly to prevent it from toppling over and causing injuries.


Advantages Of Installing A Slide

Great For Keeping Active

While a pool is a great source of entertainment, a waterslide is that extra element of fun that draws the kids and big kids outdoors for some fun and unintentional exercise. Many of us spend too much time on technology, this is the perfect way to encourage the family to disconnect and engage with each other instead.

Inexpensive To Run

Waterslides are economical to run, and you can reduce it’s running costs further by turning it off when it’s not in use, this will prevent unnecessary evaporation too.

Provides A Sense Of Tranquility

It’s not only the kids that can benefit from installing a slide, the sound that water makes when running off a slide and into a pool is similar to a water feature. The sound of running water is known to have therapeutic effects. When the kids aren’t using it and you need a minute to relax, you can turn on the waterslide and enjoy the serenity. Sitting outside in the fresh air paired with running water can boost your mood.

Enhance The Look Of Your Pool Area

When done well, a waterslide can give your backyard the ‘wow factor’ and potentially add value to your home. They entice people outside and can improve overall aesthetics.


Some Extra Tips When Choosing A Slide

Choose A Slide With It's Own Water Supply

The best types of waterslides are ones that have their own water supply. Here a few reasons why: The most obvious one is that it is more fun! It increases speed and provides a similar experience to a theme park slide. You can adjust the rate that the water runs to suit the person using it. Saves water – Rather than holding a hose at the top, they take water from the pool to provide a continuous current down the slide. Enhances safety – It prevents backsides from sticking to a dry, hot slide. When the sun is bearing down, water evaporates at a rapid rate and this can cause injuries.

Avoid Blow-Up Water Slides

Blow-up water slides are the most impractical choice and you’ll be lucky to get one season out of them. Yes, they are cheap compared to sturdier versions, but kids can be rough when they’re playing and mucking around. If a child jumps on it a little too hard, it will pop. While repair kits are normally included, for this reason, there are only so many times you can patch it up before it has to head to the bin forever. Having to blow it up can be a hassle and you need to store it away when it is not in use in-case the wind catches it. They are quite large too, so once the warmer weather has passed, you will have to deflate it to pack it up, that’s if you are one of the lucky ones and your blow-up slide survives the summer.

Check With Council First

There’s no point getting a waterslide installed if you haven’t checked with council first, doing so without approval can see you issued with a fine or worse, you may have to remove it. They will advise you of whether you need a permit to install it or not.

Whichever slide type you choose, it must not encroach any of your pool fencing boundary lines…

The Best Spot For Your Slide

Whichever slide type you choose, it must not encroach any of your pool fencing boundary lines. If it does, it poses a safety risk and you may be ordered by the local council to dismantle or relocate it. Make sure you measure the space to ensure it will fit properly. To comply with Australian Standard AS1926, it must be at least 300mm away from the pool fence. While children should never be left unattended in a pool area, its strongly recommended that you install the waterslide in a location that can be viewed from inside the home or the outside entertaining area. This allows more people to keep an eye on the children when in the pool. Additionally, you don’t want your new slide blocking the view to your pool area, so consider placement carefully for the best result.

Discuss Your Options With A Professional

While you can install some pool water slides yourself, it pays to speak with a professional about your options. They can advise you of the styles best suited to your space, budget and requirements. Also, if you get a professional to install it for you, you can have peace of mind knowing its sturdy and going to last the test of time.
Installing award-winning fibreglass pools is our speciality here at Barrier Reef Pools Queensland and it is something we are very passionate about. Unfortunately, waterslides are not a part of our collection, however with more than 30 years in the industry, we have a contact or two and can most certainly point you in the right direction if a waterslide is something you’d like for your swimming pool. Get in contact today for more information.